GreenPPE is a US-based company specializing in sourcing and supplying high-quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and related products to businesses, institutions, organizations across the US. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have sourced and shipped large quantities of PPEs (FDA/NIOSH-registered medical masks and respirators, gloves, isolation and surgical gowns, protective eye goggles and face shields, etc.) as well as disinfecting products (such as hand sanitizers and wipes) to buyers from both public and private sectors.

If you are a US business, institution or organization seeking PPE supplies, please sign in to browse our online catalog today. We strive to provide you with the highest-quality PPE products at the lowest possible price and deliver products at your schedule. SEE WHY.

If you are a PPE manufacturer or supplier, you are cordially invited to join the GreenPPE supplier network. Let us bring your products to more buyers in large volumes.

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A medical-grade PPE product must be properly registered/approved/authorized with FDA and/or NIOSH before sold in the USA.

BUYER TIP: Always ask for proper and verifiable US regulatory registration and standard testing report and certification before you buy. 


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Quality Assurance, Guaranteed.

We vet each and every product we carry, no exceptions. Our quality assurance team check and verify all aspects of products we carry, from regulatory registration, product standard testing and certification, to production facility compliance and product sampling. 

GreenPPE proudly offers the industry’s best Quality Assurance Guarantee – receive a full refund if we delivered is not what you ordered (which has not happened). 

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Best Price. In-Time Delivery.

  • Our large supplier network ensures supply chain sustainability.
  • Our pricing is all-inclusive, from supplier to your door.
  • Our innovative algorithm pools smaller buys into large bulk and wholesale shipments so everyone enjoys the rock-bottom pricing. 
  • Choose from Regular, Fast, or Custom delivery schedule and receive your supplies when you need them.

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GreenPPE team sustained our supply of critically needed PPEs. They delivered in time and lowered our procurement costs. 

  – E. W.,   President, A U.S. Business Buyer

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