Effective April 1, 2020,  Chinese exporters of medical products including COVID-19 testing kits, medical face masks, medical protective suits, ventilators and infrared thermometers are required to provide extra documentation to the Chinese Customs when they go through customs clearance, according to this announcement made by the Chinese Commerce Ministry, Chinese Customs, and China National Medical Product Administration (NMPA): 

April 1st China moves to ensure quality of medical supply exports

This new exporter furnished declaration to the Chinese Customs should include the following information/proof:

  1. The Chinese exporter is qualified to exporting the said products.
  2. Products in the shipment are registered in proper medical device categories with NMPA, China’s counterpart to the US FDA.
  3. List and meet quality-control product standards of of the exporting. 

Now Chinese Customs will only release export shipments with the said medical device categories with proper certificates of registration approved by NMPA, according to the notice jointly issued with the General Administration of Customs and the National Medical Products Administration.


Overseas importers and buyers, when sourcing PPEs and other devices in China, now must check and ensure that (1) the local supplier is qualified to export their products, (2) sourced products have property resisted with Chinese authorities in the correct medical device category, and (3) these products meet all destination country’s quality, regulation, and import standards.

GreenPPE believes this executive order from China is a right step towards ensuring authenticity and quality of PPE and other devices they produce. We are helping overseas buyers/importers to these medical devices produced in China with both China export standards and destination country’s import standards.

Sourcing PPE products from China? Check how many domestic manufacturers that are actually approved by the Chinese authorities to export. Contact the GreenPPE team and let us help vet your sources.

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